Our Instructors

Our classes are taught by the industry’s best instructors who are proven experts in their field, certified in their class topic, and have taught for many years. More than teachers, our instructors are highly knowledgeable professionals that typically have 15 or more years of real-world experience working for leading companies.

To ensure instructors have ample time to stay informed about trends and best-practices in their field, we design our class schedules such that they have time to read, study, and prep between classes. This practice enables them to remain thought leaders in their area of expertise, ultimately resulting in a more-informative and enriching student experience.

The student experience is critically important to the long term success of New Horizons. As a result, we measure students' satisfaction with instructors' performance in every class offered by the company. We have administered countless class evaluations to gather this performance information. Based on thousands of evaluations, New Horizons takes great pride in reporting our instructors score an average approval rating of 8.63 on a 9 point scale, higher than any other training provider in the industry.