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According to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP) are of growing importance within information technology and business projects of various sizes and complexities, as the range and depth of required professional knowledge continues to expand.

According to a study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, Application Executive Council, "Improving business analyst proficiency can improve application performance by as much as 30%."

A Business Analyst is essential in identifying the needs of clients and stakeholders to determine solutions through the process illuminating how strategy, processes, business structure, and staff can best be utilized to deliver reliable and cost effective operations.

If an information technology project fails, it is often due to poor requirements
definition and requirements Management, not bad management of schedule
or costs. Consider these statistics:

  • 66% of software projects aren't expected to finish on time or on budget
  • Completed projects have only 52% of proposed functionality
  • 56% of project defects originate in the requirements phase of the project

Available Business Analysis Courses from New Horizons

Whether you're new to business analysis or interested in earning your Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP) certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), New Horizons can help you acquire the skills you need. Below is a closer look at our course offerings:

BA01 - Business Analysis Essentials
This is an introductory course designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the benefits, functions and impact a business analyst has within an organization. It is designed for individuals new to the business analyst role or those who supervise and/or work with business analysts.

BA02 - Strategic Enterprise Analysis
This course is aimed for experienced practitioners who desire a clear understanding of Strategic Business Analysis, who would like to understand what comprises this work, and the objectives for performing it. It is recommended that participants complete the BA01 – Business Analysis Essentials course prior to enrolling or have equivalent experience.

BA03 - Writing Effective Business Cases
Learn the steps to effective business case development and support your strategic business recommendations with sound budgeting and financial back-up. This skills-intensive workshop is ideal for experienced managers, directors and corporate officers who regularly develop and present budgets, business plans and recommendations.

BA04 - Eliciting and Writing Effective Requirements
This course is intended for beginner to intermediate business and requirements analysts who are looking to improve their elicitation and requirements writing and documentation skills. This course is also a great fit for technical writers, product and software testers, project managers, product owners who work closely with business analysts or who perform some for of business analysis themselves.

BA05 - Process Modeling Using BPMN
Students will learn the best practices in process mapping using the latest industry standards (BPMN) so that both the business and IT stakeholders will be able to understand the models and map processes consistently through-out your organization.

BA06 - Managing and Communicating Requirements for Projects
Students will learn to develop a plan that includes determining the requirements activities a Business Analyst will perform on a particular project and how you will control and manage changes to the deliverables. It is aimed at Executives, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business and IT stakeholders working with analysts, Systems Analysts and programmers interested in expanding their role into the business area.

BA07 - Implementing an Agile Project
This course will explore how your projects can easily and successfully make the transition to an effective Agile environment. It is ideal for Executives, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business and IT stakeholders working with analysts, Quality and process engineers, technicians, managers; supervisors, team leaders, and process operators; anyone who wants to improve their Business Analysis skills.

BA08 - Agile for Business Analysts
This course will explore how your projects can easily and successfully manage requirements in an effective Agile environment.

BA09 - Managing Requirements for SharePoint Projects
This course will explore how your projects can easily and successfully manage requirements in an effective SharePoint environment.

BA10 - Understanding Root Cause Analysis
In this course, participants will learn to apply several practical, systematic methods for analyzing incidents and problems to uncover root causes. It is intended for Executives, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business and IT stakeholders working with analysts, Quality and process engineers, technicians, corrective action coordinators or managers; supervisors, team leaders, and process operators; anyone who wants to improve their ability to solve recurring problems.

BA27 - Writing and Managing Effective Requirements
This course provides students a clear understanding of all the facets of the business analysis role, including a thorough walkthrough of the various domain/knowledge areas that comprise the business analysis profession. Students are provided an opportunity to try their hand at several business analysis techniques to assist with improving their skills in stakeholder identification, scope definition, and analyzing, documenting, and modeling requirements.

BA28 - Requirements Analysis and Use Cases
In this highly interactive course, you will learn how to enhance and refine your use case skills, how to involve your stakeholders in the use case process, and how to develop use cases that provide valuable information to the designers and testers.

BA29 - User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for Business Analysts
This course is designed to help the Business Analyst (BA) to develop an understanding of their role, the process, and the deliverables associated with UAT. This course is designed for the Business Analyst professional who is involved with testing the functionality of technology projects.

BA30 - Foundations of Business Analysis
In this course, students will learn how to perform stakeholder analysis, utilize techniques to elicit the needs of these stakeholders, translate their needs into solution requirements, and confirm these requirements are well-written, correct, and precise.

BACP02 - Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) and Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) Exam Preparation
This is an intermediate/advanced course designed to provide participants with a clear understanding of the concepts covered within the CBAP® and CCBA® exams.

The course provides valuable tips and techniques to help students prepare, study, and assess their personal readiness. Participants will work through instructor led discussions on each of the six Knowledge Areas covered by A Guide to the Business Analysis Body Of KnowledgeTM (BABOK® Guide) version 3 and will be provided opportunities to answer simulated questions to gain skill and familiarity with applying personal knowledge to answer sample questions.

Participants will review a number of business analysis techniques and personal skill competencies to understand how best to prepare for questions covering such topics. Each of the five business analysis Perspectives presented in the BABOK® Guide will be reviewed to support students in answering exam questions in these areas.

Benefits of the CBAP Certification

Individual Benefits:
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge, best practices and principles of business analysis
  • Participation in a recognized professional group
  • Recognition of professional competence by professional peers and management
  • Advanced career and increased salary potential
  • Recognizes dedication to the industry and ongoing professional involvement

Organizational Benefits:

  • CBAPs function as a vital role within any successful project
  • CBAPs demonstrate to stakeholders, customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you use industry-standard business analysis practices and your business is ran effectively.
  • CBAPs implement business analysis practices as outlined in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK)
  • CBAPs produce reliable, higher quality results produced with increased efficiency and consistency

Earn Your CBAP Certification

New Horizons Business Analysis Courses prepare you for the CBAP designation exam. To earn the CBAP designation, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 7500 hours of BA work experience aligned with the BABOK Guide in the last 10 years
  • Minimum 900 hours in four of the six knowledge areas
  • Minimum 21 hours of Professional Development in the past four years
  • Two references from a career manager, client or CBAP recipient
  • Signed Code of Conduct

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