Introducing Python and Web Services Programmability for Network Engineers

Course Overview

This course focuses on the interoperability of Python programming with Networking to prepare students for Software Defined Networking. This class is designed for students looking to add programming skills in preparation for various ACI & SDN technologies.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Network Administrators, Network Engineers, Network Operations Technicians, and students interested in learning about programming.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives: Understand and describe basic and advanced Python terminologies. Identify and correct Python script errors. Pull and reconfigure networking devices using Python scripts. Introduction to RESTful API utilizing JSON and XML.

Course Outline

1 - Basic Constructs

  • Describe and execute strings
  • Describe and execute printing
  • Describe and execute variables
  • Describe and execute built in methods
  • Describe and execute input from users
  • Describe Boolean expressions

2 - Advanced Constructs

  • Describe and execute redundant scripts
  • Describe and execute functions
  • Describe and execute classes

3 - Scaling Python

  • Describe and execute Reading Files scripts
  • Describe and execute Writing to File scripts
  • Describe and execute substituting strings and integers
  • Describe and execute while loops
  • Describe and execute for loops and lists
  • Describe and execute slicing
  • Updating and edit a list
  • Error checking

4 - Dictionaries and Regular Expressions

  • Describe and execute dictionaries
  • Delete dictionaries
  • Describe and execute dictionaries with lists
  • Describe and execute regular expressions (match, search, findall, sub)

5 - XML and JSON

  • Describe XML format
  • Describe JSON Format
  • Example of XML
  • Example of JSON

6 - What is an XML Schema?

  • Describe SOAP
  • Example of CURL with a Web Based Application
  • Example of a SOAP exchange with a Web based Application
  • Example of REST with a Web based Application

7 - Putting It All Together

  • Apply Python principles with a SOAP Client
  • Apply Python principles with REST and WSDL
  • Apply native Python modules

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