Effective Leadership through Coaching

Course Overview

The most successful leaders recognize that their success depends upon the success of those they lead. Enabling others to grow and fulfill their potential by coaching them to discover and apply their talents and strengths is a core competency of effective leadership. Whether supporting employees to optimize their contribution, or enabling them to further their career aspirations, your coaching will have a positive impact and will foster an environment of growth and success. Download the Course Outline and Information on Post-Class Content.

Who Should Attend

Anyone managing the performance of others, including executives, managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Course Objectives

Develop a positive partnership that supports employee growth. Provide effective coaching and feedback within a relationship of mutual trust. Agree appropriate performance goals using the SMART technique. Clarify the current state or reality of your employees’ situation. Create options for your employee and develop them into a plan. Motivate and support your employee to achieve their goals. Recognize and remove any obstacles to employee success.

Course Outline

1 - The Leader as Coach

  • Harnessing the Power of Coaching
  • Recognizing Talent and Potential
  • Identifying Values and Beliefs

2 - The GROW Model

  • Structuring the Coaching Process
  • Applying GROW

3 - Agreeing on the Development Goals

  • Providing Direction and Purpose
  • Identifying Appropriate Goals

4 - Clarifying the Current Reality

  • Framing the Reality
  • Generating Self-Awareness
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Resistance
  • Exploring the Past

5 - Discussing Options

  • Generating Options
  • Choosing an Approach
  • Structuring a Plan

6 - Finalizing the Plan

  • Confirming the Will
  • Selecting the First Step
  • Motivating the Employee

7 - The Importance of Trust

  • Avoiding Negatives in Coaching
  • Enhancing Trust Relationships

8 - Giving Constructive Feedback

  • Structuring Feedback
  • Encouraging Growth and Development

9 - Overcoming Roadblocks

  • Uncovering Common Roadblocks
  • Realigning or Re-evaluating Goals
  • Focusing on Progress

10 - Transitioning to the Next Stage

  • Taking an Inventory
  • Testing Readiness to Transition
  • Wrapping it all Up

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