Blockchain for Healthcare Professionals and the Patient Empowered Blockchain (PEB)

Course Overview

This course covers the intersection of healthcare and Blockchain. Training will include an overview of Blockchain, and uses for Blockchain in the healthcare industry, from medical records, to medical devices, insurance and more.

Who Should Attend

Clinicians Universities Hospitals Healthcare Executives Entrepreneurs Investors

Course Objectives

Intro to blockchain Major healthcare use cases of blockchain Understand different use cases of PEB that have already been implemented and encourage thought of new potential use cases.

Course Outline

1 - DAY 1

  • History of blockchain
  • Blockchain 101
  • Decentralization/centralization
  • Distributed ledger-private vs public
  • Mining and consensus mechanisms
  • Intro to healthcare on blockchain including Medical records FHIR, HL7

2 - DAY 2

  • Patient identity
  • Value-based care and concepts (discuss outcome-based smart contracts)
  • Medical devices, Wearables, IoT
  • Patient adherence monitoring (with tokenized incentives-could also discuss with pt. empowerment), incentives, etc.
  • Interoperability and other obstacles of implementation (industry inertia, large data sets, inherent resistance to change)

3 - DAY 3

  • Supply chain (substandard and falsified medicines, divergence, compliance with DSCSA)
  • Logistics
  • Insurance (eligibility, reduced overhead, claims processing)
  • Data sets
  • AI technology (theoretical use cases)
  • PT empowerment 1 & 2 (digital health wallet with access driven by smart contracts, monetizing data for sharing)

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