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Whether you're an entry-level employee or an experienced manager or director, professional development training courses from New Horizons will help strengthen your overall business by continuously upgrading and optimizing your skills around several key areas, including communication, emotional intelligence, business acumen, and more.

In late 2017, following a rigorous assessment by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), the entire Leadership and Professional Development program offering by New Horizons was endorsed for the highest standards of excellence, commercial relevance, and positive learner experience. Read the press release.

Why Businesses Should Provide Professional Development

According to the American Staffing Association, “68% of workers say training and development is the most important workplace policy, while 55% of employees say they think they could advance professionally if they were offered greater training opportunities.”

Offering professional development training programs allows employees to perform better and prepares them for positions of greater responsibility. But it can also help employers attract top job candidates, retain their best workers, and identify future leaders. Additionally, ongoing professional development is very appealing to many employees today who are looking to keep their skills relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Whether designated by management or a personal desire to grow, your continuous career-long path to success begins here. Take your first step, or the next step in your individual journey with any of the highly immersive professional development and leadership courses.

Get Access to Free Post-Class Content

Many of our Leadership & Professional Development courses include free post-class content, such as eBooks, quick videos, personal & team assessments, as well as tools & templates—all designed to help students continue their journey to ongoing success. See course details below for more information.

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Communication & Interpersonal Course Details

  • Communicating Across Your Organization
    The success of leaders is rooted in the effectiveness of their teams, as well as savvy communication with colleagues. Guiding and empowering others and creating collaboration is essential. In this course, you will learn to build trust and commitment, motivating others through respectful and authentic interactions. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Constructive Conflict Management
    Conflict is inevitable. The ability to govern disputes and even avoid them altogether is vital. In this course, you will learn to recognize the warning signs that precede quarrels and how to mitigate their impact, as well as constructive ways to harness the differences between team members and shift them toward productive, positive outcomes. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Work Relationships: Influence, Inclusion and Impact
    Respectfully engaging with others can enhance or inhibit workflow and be the difference between the success or failure of a project or an entire organization. This course will prepare you for the collaborative situations inherent in every facet of business, whether working with colleagues, partners, vendors, or clients.
  • Positive Assertiveness: A Posture for Inclusive Leadership
    This course focuses on the practices of emotional intelligence and self-governance that allow a posture of Positive Assertiveness. Tactics and techniques to use Positive Assertiveness to influence and elevate team members out of disruptive or counter-productive behaviors.
  • Navigating the Modern Workforce: Diversity, Culture, Generations
    Team members are bringing new experiences, expertise, and viewpoints to the workforce; and constant change is the new normal. An astute leader can take advantage of these skills and perspectives while maximizing productivity and fostering employee buy-in. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Providing Outstanding Customer Service
    How do you provide excellent customer service and stand out from the crowd? This course offers practical tools and techniques to win clients, create loyal advocates for your business, and deliver excellent customer service. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Negotiate Forward: A Process for Effective Negotiation
    Negotiating is about resolving differences to save time and money, develop a higher degree of satisfaction earn greater respect. Negotiating is a fundamental life skill. This interactive workshop includes techniques to promote effective communication and gives you techniques for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving.
  • The Art of Effective Presentations
    Whether speaking publicly or to a private group, the ability to deliver a great presentation means efficiently and effectively convey your message. In this course, you will learn strategies to master your speaking skills, confidently standing before a group and delivering your message.
  • Writing for the Business Professional
    From informal memos to detailed reports, writing skills are essential for effectively communicating with colleagues and those outside of your organization. Subtle elements, such as the tone that you use, can have a significant impact on the way that your ideas are received and the persuasiveness of your arguments.

Professional Development Course Details

  • Accomplishing the Results You Want
    Success is measured by results. Detailed plans and a captivating vision are important, but true accomplishment is in carrying your goals through to a winning outcome. In this course, you will learn how to strengthen your leadership voice and foster employee buy-in to exceed expectations and achieve the most positive outcome. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Building Successful Work Relationships
    In this course, you will learn how to build co-operative trust-based relationships that enable you to work productively with other professionals, clearly communicating and respectfully harnessing your distinctive contributions. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence
    As the core of the success of every organization, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is central to a well-functioning team. A strong grasp of this crucial skillset is essential to effective collaboration, productivity, and accomplishment. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Extending Your Sphere of Influence
    In this course, you will learn to become proficient in the art of persuasion, selecting and utilizing appropriate styles and strategies to have the most influential effect, as well as understanding how to protect yourself from being manipulated by others. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Making the Right Decisions Under Pressure
    As a leader, others look to you for direction and guidance. The confident decisions you make are imperative to drive productivity, resolve conflicts, and guide your team’s focus and efforts. In this course, you will learn to evaluate options, generate possible solutions, and decide on logical strategies. View the Associated Post-Class Content
  • Time Management & Setting Goals
    In this course, you will learn to improve your focus, prioritize tasks, identify and avoid obstacles to staying on track, and develop strategies to get the most out of your time. You will acquire time management tools and decision-making techniques to help you focus on purpose and achieve your goals, balancing the needs of both your business and personal life.
  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making
    On average we make as many as 50 decisions before we start work every day. Despite all the natural decision making that goes on and the problem solving we do, some people are very uncomfortable with having to make decisions. The answer rests in our ability to identify options, research, take time to define critical thinking means and learn these skills.

Leadership & Management Course Details

Additional Learning Solutions

Leadership & Professional Development is only one component of the many ongoing training options that are available for you and your team. New Horizons offers learning solutions in several other key areas, including Business Analysis, Human Resources, IT Service Management, and Project Management.

The New Horizons Center for Leadership and Development

Continued training is a necessity for continued success. Don't wait for the perfect candidate to come along; instead, consider utilizing professional development to build the skill set of your current staff. You may even find that your employees are eager for extended training in their fields. Discover all of the learning solutions that we offer in these four other major areas: