Project 2016 - Advanced

Course Overview

This course covers the features within Microsoft Project 2016 that every project manager needs to know. Students will learn how to update tasks, split tasks, reschedule project work, move a project and set new baselines. In addition, students will learn to use the variance table, display progress lines, edit and create custom tables, create custom views, and sort and filter project information. Students will work with Project reports, create custom reports, and work with visual reports. Finally, students will set default options, save a project template, use the content organizer, compare Project versions and work with Subprojects.

Course Objectives

Updating Task Information, Monitoring a Project, Working with Project Reports, Working with Other Projects

Course Outline

1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Updating Task Information

  • Updating Task Completion
  • Updating Tasks Using the Tracking Table
  • Updating Task Cost and Work
  • Splitting Tasks
  • Rescheduling Project Work
  • Moving a Project
  • Setting a New Baseline
  • Setting an Interim Plan

3 - Monitoring a Project

  • Using the Variance Table
  • Displaying Progress Lines
  • Editing Table Fields
  • Creating New Fields
  • Creating Custom Tables
  • Creating a Single View
  • Creating a Combination View
  • Sorting Project Information
  • Filtering Project Information
  • Grouping Project Information
  • Highlighting Project Information

4 - Working with Project Reports

  • Viewing Premade Reports
  • Building Custom Reports
  • Viewing Visual Reports
  • Creating a Visual Report Template

5 - Working with Other Projects

  • Setting Default Options
  • Saving a Project Template
  • Using the Content Organizer
  • Comparing Project Versions
  • Working with Subprojects

6 - Conclusion

  • Course Recap

1 Hours, 38 Minutes

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