10 Career Skills to Have During and Post-Pandemic 2020

As a result of the current pandemic, many are sharing a similar experience of being unemployed or underemployed. It’s a challenge for anyone to lose their job and/or begin a job which does not utilize their full skillset; however, what develops from these days of uncertainty can change the trajectory for individuals into a positive direction, if the right steps are taken. This opens the potential to leave some in a better career post-COVID-19 than before.

Right now, several people around the world are asking themselves a similar question: “What do I want in a career?” A question like this can take someone on an incredible journey to find what aligns with their passion, strengths, and skills. Even more so, it can propel many into a career that brings forth new skills and even an improved version of happiness in their work.

This can be very exciting to think about. And then… there comes a moment where we may need help on the next step. If you find yourself saying, “Yes, I am ready to explore a new career path… but where do I start?”, read on. We have compiled 10 career skills which are relevant today and will continue to be relevant tomorrow. See if any of these inspire you to consider a future better than imagined.  

1. Cybersecurity

In today's information-driven economy, intellectual property is the most valuable organizational possession. In order to keep information and data secure, organizations require an offensive strategy through Penetration Testing or multiple other proven methods in order to decrease Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and issues. The need is high in demand and expected to continue to grow. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 32 percent now through 2028,  much faster than the average for all occupations.

Find a few of our program and course options below:

2. Analytics and Data Management

Our world has become increasingly digital and more interconnected; especially in light of our current reality with COVID-19. Whether it be electronic health records, social media, or e-commerce —businesses of any size are quickly recognizing the huge opportunity to leverage big data for enhanced insight into customers, operations, finances, and more. According to a study conducted by Oracle, 93% of executives believe their organization is losing revenue as a result of not being able to fully leverage the data they collect. Analytics and data management training can provide your resume a competitive edge you need in today's technology-driven job market. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, these roles are expected to grow 26 percent now through 2028 as technology continues to advance and companies seek efficiency and cost savings through analytics.

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3. Programming & Development

Computer programming designs and builds executable computer programs through writing code, testing and fixing bugs. This gives computers and machines the required instructions on which actions to perform. While the rapid evolution of mobile apps has created a host of opportunities for properly trained developers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers is projected to grow 21 percent now through 2028 as businesses need to respond to an increased demand for computer software. Distinguish yourself across a wide range of technical disciplines within the expanding field of web & mobile application development.

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4. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing continues to be a popular solution to several organizations since they no longer need to purchase, store, and maintain expensive network equipment, reducing the time and money involved in maintaining, updating, and repairing their own server hardware and software. However, Cloud computing is an ever-evolving piece of technology, and as with all technologies transforming the way organizations operate, it’s expected that Cloud roles will also continue to evolve. In fact, the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that 46% of the world's stored data will reside in the public cloud by 2025. This results in a massive need for organizations to implement cloud computing into their strategy, and to employ an increasing amount of skilled individuals.

Here are just a few of our popular training courses:

5. Network Systems Administrator

In order for businesses to remain competitive in our modern world of digital transformation, Network and Systems Administrators are a must. In working in IT systems and networking these individuals handle a multitude of vital responsibilities for day-to-day operations of computer networks. Some responsibilities include installing, configuring, and maintaining the business’ local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), connectivity, maintain network software and hardware, fix network issues, while ensuring network security and performance standards.

We offer a program which focuses on the ability to design and build technology solutions, providing the skills and certifications necessary for IT pros to effectively meet current network challenges, and emerging technology, head-on.

6. IT Business Administration

IT Business Administration, also known as IT Project Management, is a wide field which includes serving as a liaison between business and technical aspects of projects, plan project stages and assess business implications for each stage. From mastering the capabilities and features of productivity suites, to understanding the basics for Accounting in order to identify and control business expenses, to understanding service and quality management, to initiating and completing a project plan, this role is integral to success for many businesses and is expected to grow 15 percent through 2024.

We offer a program which prepares students to plan, initiate, and manage Information Technology (IT) projects. IT Project Managers also lead the work of technical staff, serve as a liaison between business and technical aspects of projects, plan project stages and assess business implications for each stage.

7. Business Analysis

Considered as a new hard skill which every professional should have, Business Analysis is used in most roles, at some level, in order to make decisions. If an individual is participating in a project within their organization, there’s a high likelihood business analysis would be beneficial, as it facilitates change within an organization in order to deliver the highest value solutions and maximize value to customers and stakeholders. Most courses being 2 business days, provide highly transferable knowledge to move between a multitude of roles and industries; a great addition to a resume.

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8. Service Management

An area in IT which becomes more essential is based on focusing on implementing a quality best practice for Service Management so both internal and external customers can receive efficient and reliable services, helping to propel businesses and their clients forward. Through implementing a method and increasing communication and collaboration, the product and service further benefits stakeholders.  

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9. Project Management

Project Management continues to be an integral part of businesses. Whether it’s a part of IT or virtually any other department, ensuring a project completes on time, on budget, while producing the expected deliverables with a high-quality framework is a need for businesses both today and tomorrow.

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10. Business Office Associate

A consistent need for businesses is to have Business Office Associates supervise and coordinates the activities of clerical and administrative support. Are you someone who enjoys planning, directing, or coordinating the administrative services; such as records and information management, mail distribution, facilities planning and maintenance, custodial operations, and other office support services? This could be your next career move.

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Next Step

The next step is both critical and simple; reach out to one of our Career Consultants. With their knowledge and experience, they can guide you through your interests and share what we have available and how we can help you achieve your new career. Whether you’re looking for a specific course or certification to add in your resume, looking for a complete program which can land you with a full set of skills for your next career, or if you’re not quite sure yet, contact us. There may even be a tuition funding source available to you. Simply reach out so we can help you identify what is available to you and help you get started.

At New Horizons we’ve been helping individuals, such as yourself, for over 35 years to gain the knowledge and certifications needed to jumpstart a new career. Through our experience, we’ve accumulated training and programs which are highly relevant in today’s market and which continue to grow dramatically as a result of the constant changes in technology. 


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