ITIL 4: Which Way Will You Grow?

  • 3 December 2019
  • Author: Jonathan Scott
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When Axelos released the Information Technologies Infrastructure Library (ITIL) version 4 in November 2018, readers of this blog learned much about the course of study required for certification in ITIL practices. At that time we introduced the required ITIL certification training in five key levels, Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master.

The extensive training introduced with the new version demonstrates just how extensive the library really is, but those who embrace it find great success in their IT career.

What’s New in ITIL 4

Despite the fact that the new version was introduced over a year ago as of this writing, it continues to develop and expand, offering more and new value to IT service practitioners.

The most recent advances which have received high interest are focused on the Management of Professionals, a true area of growth even for those who have successfully completed the Master level of ITIL proficiency.

Training introduced with the Leadership & Management segment of ITIL 4 comes in the form of Workplace Fundamentals followed by Advanced Workshops designed to provide practical experience.

The Workplace Fundamentals are planned to take eight hours to introduce topics including:

  • Developing New Managers
  • Change Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Employee Motivation
  • Leadership and Influence
  • Performance Management

Having completed the introductions to the fundamentals, the Advanced Workshops are multiple day experiences anticipated duration 16-24 hours. These workshops cover:

  • Discovering Your Leadership Voice
  • Evolving into the Manager Role
  • Effective Leadership through Coaching
  • Managing Remote and Virtual Teams
  • Transitioning into Leadership for an IT Manager
  • Becoming a Transformational Leader
  • Business Acumen for Leaders
  • Contemporary Leadership in a Complex World
  • Critical Facilitation Skills for Leaders
  • Leadership Excellence for Senior Management

Which Way Will You Grow?

Some IT professionals truly prefer to remain individual contributors, busily delivering superior services to appreciative customers. Their great joy is making things work, and enjoying the appreciation of their customers.

Over time some, not all, of these professionals feel the desire to expand their capabilities by becoming managers. In that role they get to train others and help them realize their full potential. These are team builders who concern themselves more with achievement than recognition. It is said that a great manager knows their job is done when their team can say “we did it!”

Some managers find themselves missing the “hands-on” experience of delivering services. Others transfer these skills over to their training and coaching activities. Some move back to being individual contributors. Lesson learned? Management isn’t for everybody.

On the other hand, some managers feel the need to do more for their people, to help them grow in many ways beyond technology skills. They feel compelled to motivate their team members, to help them bring the best out in themselves. These people have a passionate desire to become leaders. Leaders succeed through their people becoming more enthusiastic about extending every effort to satisfy and gratify customers, partners, colleagues, literally everyone around them.

Pursue YOUR Path

While only you can determine which path, individual contributor, manager, or leader, are right for you, there is help and guidance available to you from your Career Counselor at New Horizons. Not only do they recognize that everyone’s preferred destination is different, they also understand that everyone has specific realities they need to satisfy in their lives. They will help you choose your path and plan your progress toward your desired outcomes. Call today.

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