Why You Want Certification in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“Amazon Web Services continues to dominate a global cloud-infrastructure services industry that hit almost $70 billion last year, grabbing a market share equivalent to that of the next four public cloud providers combined.”

Let that roll around in your head for a while. AWS alone sold as much cloud service as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Alibaba combined.

Where there is more market share there is more opportunity which means more jobs. It stands to reason that AWS environments need four times as many people as any of the other.

Focus Your Career with Role-Based Training

Focus Your Career with Role-Based Training preview imageOne of the most powerful advantages of Azure is role-based access control which makes it easy to identify everyone and provide them exactly what they need. Given how huge Azure is, the same philosophy should be applied to the training it takes to make you an effective Azure professional. Beyond Azure, Microsoft is now revising its entire approach to role-based training to make learning paths easier to define. Which path will you choose? Here’s some insight into the choices.

Business Analysis Certification: What is it, and how it can impact your business or career?

Business Analysis: What is it, and how it can impact your business or career?It is said that effectiveness is doing things right. Efficiency is doing the right things!

Applied to your career, all the technology skills you may have acquired through training and experience prepare you to do things right. To resolve anomalies and other problems that arise in any technology installation or environment. That’s incredibly valuable to your clients or your company’s clients.

What are Containers and Why do I want to learn about them?

What are Containers and Why do I want to learn about them preview imageMicroservices should not run all by themselves. They often need certain code libraries, print, storage, and other resources to help them function which may not be available where they’re running. The easiest way to manage this, and keep everything optimally transportable across cloud networks, is the put each microservice into its own container along with every resource it needs to run. Then all you need to do is to orchestrate the instantiation, movement, and utilization of these containers. Learn more about the most highly transportable way to write software and put it into operation.

Lean Six Sigma Certification: Return on Investment

Lean Six Sigma Return on Investment

Lean Six Sigma Return on Investment (ROI)

Lean Six Sigma presents a very high, and highly specific, benchmark for the achievement of quality. For some, the benefit of achieving Six Sigma performance represents an existential requirement. For all organizations, the process leading to the achievement of Six Sigma is itself a set of exercises in assuring excellence. While specifying a financial return on investment, the return is pervasive reaching every facet of any operation.


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