Training Resources

Resources from Computer Learning Centers

We provide support and resources beyond the classroom

Computer Learning Centers strongly believes that learning isn't limited to the classroom. To complement our training solutions and to help clients put their newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice, we offer a host of learning resources.

We welcome all past, present and future New Horizons clients to utilize the following:

  • Certification Testing Centers —Take your certification exam in the same comfortable environment and convenient location that you take classes.
  • Post-Class Survey —Tell us what you think of our training. This survey is designed to get your input on what we did well, and how we can improve.
  • Downloads —These files are interactive learning documents that accompany your Computer Learning Centers training, and enhance class information with real examples and practice drills that hone your skills.
  • Free Webinars —All webinars offered by New Horizons are free, educational and designed to give you a better understanding about emerging technologies.