Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Free Webinars

New Horizons is celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month in a big way. We're delivering 12 free events in the month of October to provide you the up-to-date and relevant security information you need. Take a moment to review all of our available sessions below and register today.


Working Virtual: Is Your Organization CyberSAFE?

Date and Time: Thursday, October 1st | 12:00 EDT
Description: Many companies have moved virtually overnight without the opportunity to safely prepare end-users for remote work. IT and Security teams have reconfigured systems and related policies to better protect your infrastructure and data, but many still struggle with less oversight over end-user environments. With phishing attacks on the rise and malware a threat to businesses of all sizes, what is the basic awareness your employees need at this time? Join us to learn why it is important for end-users to identify the need for security, secure their devices, and learn to navigate the world of virtual connectivity. You will also explore how organizations can implement cyber awareness compliance programs that can help reduce incidents by up to 70%.
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Securely Empower a Remote Workforce with Citrix Technologies

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 6th | 12:00 EDT
Description: With the adoption of work-from-home and other remote workforce realities, the need for secure information technologies has never been greater. For years, Citrix has been building technologies around the idea of a Secure Digital Workspace, allowing any user on any device to connect from any place at any time. Join us for a look at how Citrix gives an organization the highest confidence in securing daily business transactions regardless of where in the world its workforce is positioned.
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The Right Skills for Cybersecurity

Date and Time: Thursday, October 8th | 12:00 EDT
Description: Do you question whether your Cybersecurity and IT Professionals have the right skills to protect your data? Are you having difficulty validating who would be a good candidate to join your Cybersecurity team? In this session we will explore what job roles are most necessary to securing your infrastructure and how to acquire the skills to perform the most critical tasks.
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Getting An ISO Information Security Certification

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 13th | 12:00 EDT
Description: These days there is an increasing demand for ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification, both for companies and professionals. In the case of companies, the business drivers are reduction in insurance premiums, the ability to demonstrate due care and due diligence in court, the ability to instill confidence in the marketplace, and to address third-party and supply chain risk management. Increasingly companies require their supply chain partners to be certified if they want to continue doing business with large prime contractors. This is creating a concurrent demand in the marketplace for professionals that are certified to implement, audit and manage an ISMS. This presentation will cover the changing market terrain and explain strategies on how to move forward with an ISO certification.
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Real World Cyberwar Lessons Learned

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 14th | 11:00 EDT
Description: Estonia is a small country in the Baltics however it has been on the forefront of technology for many years. Joseph Carson provides a story from Estonia's independence in 1991 to its use of blockchain for the integrity of voting and medical records. The importance and the critical role of an identity management system allows a citizen to vote, check online banking, e-residents and tax returns safely impacts cyber war and the lessons learned on the risks.
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The Hidden Vulnerability Exposed

Date and Time: Thursday, October 15th | 12:00 EDT
Description: The stakes for software security are extremely high with over 100 billion lines of software code being produced each year and 70% of code in apps composed of open-source software and third-party libraries, and yet many developers are forced to address software security when a vulnerability has been exposed. In this webinar we will discuss the impact of application security, what is needed to better identify coding vulnerabilities – including those in the OWASP Top Ten, and learn why incorporating security into all phases of the lifecycle is a must-have for any development team. We will also explain why certification is becoming part of the new normal for development professionals.
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Which INFOSEC Certification Pathway is Right for You?

Date and Time: Friday, October 16th | 12:00 EDT
Description: Which INFOSEC certification is right for you? Are you just starting out in the Security field, or do you want to validate your experience, Security skills, and knowledge? Presenters Ben Malisow and Robin Cabe, hosts of the podcast: “The Sensuous Sounds Of INFOSEC,” (www.securityzed.com) will be discussing popular Security certifications; ISACA, (ISC)2, COMPTIA, and Cloud-based Certifications offering certification roadmap advice for all practitioners, regardless of skill level or experience. If you’re interested in Security certification training but don’t know which course to choose, or uncertain which course will help you leverage your next promotion, join the INFOSEC team of presenters and choose your next career pathway.
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Setting Up a Privacy Management Program

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 20th | 12:00 EDT
Description: With the advent of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other similar initiatives worldwide, organizations have an ever-increasing demand for privacy talent, who can establish and administrate a privacy program. This webinar will explore the market drivers, as well as the current approaches to include privacy frameworks (NIST Privacy Framework, ISO 29100 Privacy Framework, etc.), the evolving roles in the world of privacy (Data Protection Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Privacy Engineers, and technologist), and where the world of privacy management is headed. If you are looking for a new career field, or trying to pick a career area with huge momentum and upside this may be the career move for you.
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Rust Never Sleeps: Managing Today's Cybersecurity Attack Surface

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 21st | 12:00 EDT
Description: Dr. Stanger will discuss how successful cybersecurity management has parallels with managing a rusty car in the rainy Pacific Northwest. If rust never sleeps, then neither can a cybersecurity professional when it comes to managing today’s attack surface. James will discuss how, with the genesis of governance, risk management, and compliance, there are now three major perspectives concerning managing cybersecurity. Finally, James will discuss the importance of increasing visibility, as well as the increasing role of cybersecurity threat intelligence and threat profiling.
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An Introduction to VMware Carbon Black: Are You Ready for Cyber-Attacks?

Date and Time: Thursday, October 22nd | 12:00 EDT
Description: As businesses and organizations continue to see a surge of cybersecurity threats during COVID-19, how prepared are you for a cyber-attack? The transition from in-office and home office is far from over and this informative webinar will highlight remote access inefficiencies, VPN vulnerabilities and other security challenges. Watch a demo of VMware Carbon Black's frame work and get a taste of what this platform can do for you. From Carbon Black App control to Carbon Black response, see how VMware's Carbon Black Cloud (and cybersecurity training!) go hand-in-hand when combating cybercrime.
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CyberQ CTF – A Hacker Simulation Experience

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 27th | 12:00 EDT
Description: Help your organization understand how to best manage a hacking event. EC-Council will walk you through a simulated experience from a business scenario perspective. Understand roles and responsiveness and how to best manage your organization when you experience a hacking event. Experience EC-Council’s newest pentesting certification and learn more about; CyberQ CTF and how it can help you and your employees respond quickly and effectively. Help your business combat hackers to create a secure and safe workplace.
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End-User Security During a Pandemic

Date and Time: Thursday, October 29th | 12:00 EDT
Description: Covid-19 has presented a number of challenges for security professionals over the course of 2020. One of the most important challenges surrounding end-user security is the shift to remote work and the increase in personal device usage. End-user security has become more difficult to effectively manage and, more importantly, maintain. Security professionals are tasked with managing and mitigating existing threats to systems and data while dealing with novel threats related to remote work.
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