Custom Portals from New Horizons

Fully Customized Web Portals for Your Enterprise

New Horizons has the ability to create fully customized web portals that give your enterprise the ability to coordinate training enrollment for all members of your team. Additionally, we can add a variety of pages to the portal as needed, including reference documents, videos, internal links or anything else that may be helpful to employees.

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Why Invest in a Custom Web Portal?

Your enterprise-branded web portal will become the one stop shop for all your training needs, and you can also receive custom reporting, which will give you much better insight into your return on investment. Plus, your portal will constantly evolve over time to better align with the changing needs of your enterprise. We also have the ability to align the New Horizons open enrollment schedule with your needs, whether it's to designate certain worldwide/nationwide locations and delivery formats or to limit course offerings that are shown on the portal. 

We currently offer two options: Standard and Advanced. See the details below.

Custom Web Portals NH Computer Learning

Standard Web Portal Features

Enterprise Branding

  • Logo
  • Colors and Fonts

Course Search Functionality

  • Filter by Product/Vendor
  • New Horizons Computer Learning Open Enrollment Schedule
  • Open Text Search Field

Schedule Page

  • Course Outline
  • Dates and Locations
  • Pricing

Preregistration Form

  • Customizable Fields
  • Dropdown
  • Open Text
  • Required

Email Confirmations

  • Process for Manager Approval

Private Training Request Forms

Advanced Web Portal Features

Includes Standard Features Plus

Custom Course Schedule

  • Classes Outside of New Horizons Computer Learning
  • On-Site, Dedicated Training

Custom Filtering

  • Location Based
  • Role Based

Additional Content Pages


Custom Pricing

OLA Request Form

Program Management for Software Rollouts

  • Map Custom Schedule to Rollout Plan
  • Customized Confirmations
  • Administration & Reporting

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