Exam Replay Gives You Another Opportunity to Achieve Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certifications help show you’re committed to keeping pace with the technical requirements of today’s jobs. Earning a certification helps you prepare for new job opportunities by proving to employers you have the skills they want. Certifications also serve to advance the career you already have with 23% of Microsoft certified technologists reporting a 20% salary increase upon earning their certification.*

Boost your confidence with Exam Replay. Don’t worry if you don’t pass on the first try—just polish your skills and retake the exam. For many certifications, you even have the option of preparing for your exam with a practice test.


Microsoft Exam Replay


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Additional Details

Exam Replay exam vouchers expire twelve (12) months from the date of purchase and cannot be combined with other offers. You must schedule and take the exam (and the retake) within twelve months of purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Exam Replay?

A. Exam Replay is an exam voucher that includes one retake of the same exam. Exam Replay with Practice Test is an exam voucher that includes one retake of the same exam and a separate voucher for a Microsoft Official Practice Test.

Q. How many Exam Replay vouchers can I purchase at once?

A. You can purchase as many Exam Replay vouchers as you wish.

Q. How many exam retakes do I get with Exam Replay?

A. If you don't pass your initial exam, Exam Replay is good for one retake of the same exam.

Q. Which exams qualify for Exam Replay?

A. Exam Replay is valid for all Microsoft Certification exams except Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams, Transition Exams, Fundamentals exams, and beta exams. The offer also applies to all available Practice Tests for the valid exams.

Q. How long are Exam Replay vouchers valid?

A. The certification exam (including the retake) must be scheduled and taken within 12 months of purchase.

Q. Can I take an online exam with the exam voucher in Exam Replay?

A. Yes, where online exams are available, they can be taken with an Exam Replay voucher.

Q. Can I schedule my initial exam and the retake at the same time?

A. No, you cannot register for an exam retake until you have taken and failed to pass the initial exam.

Q. How do I activate a Practice Test and how long is it valid?

A. Microsoft Official Practice Tests can be activated at MeasureUp.com within one year of purchase and are valid for 30 days after activation. A Practice Test is not exclusive to the exam voucher selected with Exam Replay and Exam Replay with Practice Test offer and can be used for any available Practice Test included in the promotion.


*2017 Pearson VUE Value of Certification white paper

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