Microsoft 365 SharePoint Site Owner - Beginner

Course Overview

This course is designed to teach students an overview of SharePoint Site Owner roles and responsibilities. Students will learn to add and configure sites, create and configure libraries and lists, create and customize columns, and manage content types. Students will also learn to manage permissions and permission levels, create and modify site pages and work with navigation and regional settings.

Course Objectives

Introduction , Role of the Site Owner , Creating Libraries , Adding and Configuring Sites , Creating Lists , Creating and Modifying Views , Creating and Customizing Columns , Managing Permissions , Enhancing the Site , Navigation and Regional Settings , Conclusion

Course Outline

1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Role of the Site Owner

  • The Role of the Site Owner
  • The Limitations of Folders

3 - Adding and Configuring Sites

  • Creating SharePoint Sites
  • Creating a Communication Site
  • Creating a Team Site with an O365 Group
  • Creating a Subsite
  • Understanding Site Settings
  • Customizing the Look of a Site

4 - Creating Libraries

  • Adding Apps
  • Creating a Document Library
  • Deleting and Restoring a Library
  • Changing the Library Name and Description
  • Modifying Library Versioning Options
  • Restoring a Previous File Version
  • Overriding a Checked Out Document
  • Modifying Advanced Library Settings
  • Using Content Approval for a Library
  • Adding a Template and Editing the New Menu

5 - Creating Lists

  • Creating Lists
  • Deleting and Restoring a List
  • Creating a List From Blank or a Template
  • Creating a Calendar List
  • Adding or Removing the Group Calendar Option
  • Creating a Task List
  • Changing a List Name or Description
  • Adding or Removing Versioning from a List
  • Modifying Advanced List Settings

6 - Creating and Modifying Views

  • Creating Public Views
  • Creating Calendar Views
  • Creating Map Views
  • Changing or Modifying the List or Library Default View
  • Creating a Grouped Library or List View
  • Creating a Flat Library View

7 - Creating and Customizing Columns

  • Understanding SharePoint Columns
  • Creating a Site Column
  • Adding an Existing Site Column to a Library or List
  • Modifying, Renaming, or Deleting a Site Column
  • Creating a Library or List Column
  • Modifying, Renaming, or Deleting a List or Column
  • Creating a Lookup Column
  • Creating a Calculated Column
  • Creating a Location Column

8 - Managing Permissions

  • Understanding Permissions
  • Viewing and Editing Site Permissions
  • Viewing, Adding or Removing Users from a Group
  • Creating a Sharepoint Group
  • Changing a Group Name or Group Owner
  • Checking an Individual's Permission on a Site
  • Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a Subsite
  • Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a Library or List
  • Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a File or Folder

9 - Enhancing the Site

  • Working with Site Pages in SharePoint
  • Modifying or Adding Text to Pages
  • Understanding and Inserting WebParts
  • Creating a Page in SharePoint
  • Adding a Page to the Quick Launch

10 - Navigation and Regional Settings

  • Changing Regional Time and Work Week Settings
  • Inheriting and Modifying Top Links Navigation
  • Configuring the Quick Launch

11 - Conclusion

  • Course Recap

5 Hours, 18 Minutes

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