Salesforce Training from New Horizons

Salesforce Training from New Horizons

As the leader in sales automation and CRM software built for the cloud, Salesforce drives business and sales in organizations around the world. However, this powerful platform is not always utilized to its full potential by companies, due in large part to the complexity of the software and its myriad features. To help unlock the full power of the Salesforce platform, New Horizons provides high-quality Salesforce training for Salesforce Cloud Admins and Sales Representatives.

Salesforce Training Courses

Salesforce.com - Sales Cloud Administration Essentials

In this course, students will identify information about the five native business processes every company can manage using Salesforce, regardless of the License Edition. Students will also gain insight into each of the functional groups of users (Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Management), and they will establish patterns of critical thinking that can help them to ensure that they are indeed taking the right approach and providing the necessary support for each request they receive.

Target Audience

  • Individuals who need to manage instances of Salesforce Sales Cloud®.
  • Target students have Sales Cloud user skills and are often existing Sales, Administrative, or Operations support employees, IT employees who are given the additional responsibilities of Salesforce.com® system administration, or external consultants who have been engaged to provide administrative support for an organization.

View the complete Salesforce.com - Sales Cloud Administration Essentials Course Outline.

Salesforce.com - Sales Cloud for Sales Representatives

This course will give students the knowledge and skills they need to use Salesforce® in the real world—ultimately enabling them to meet and exceed their sales targets.

Target Audience

  • Sales representatives who are managing their sales territories, with the goal of converting sales leads into sales opportunities and sales opportunities into closed sales.
  • Individuals selling products or services, or those familiar with other CRM systems and may be new to Salesforce CRM.

View the complete Salesforce.com - Sales Cloud for Sales Representatives Course Outline.

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